Rotten peaches & talking backpacks

“Daaaaaad, there’s a rotten peach in my backpack!”

That was my daughter on Friday morning. She left that peach in her backpack for a few days, and it didn’t look very tasty anymore.

She cleaned up the peach, and cleaned her backpack as good as possible. Still, it didn’t smell very fresh, but there was no time anymore to wash the backpack before school.

So we told her: “The moment you come home, empty your backpack, so that we can wash it.”

Friday evening: Backpack got thrown aside.

Saturday: No change in backpack status

Sunday: Still the same… Time to take action!

Option 1 is to simply tell her to empty her backpack.

But option 2 is much cooler!

  1. Hide a Bluetooth speaker in the backpack (I’m very happy with my UE boom by the way)
  2. Download a voice changing app on your smartphone
  3. Record & transform a few lines like “I’m a smelly backpack”, “Who wants a rotten peach”, …
The talking backpack
The talking backpack

When the kids got up on Sunday morning, we started to play the recorded sounds.

At first they were curious and surprised. But then my daughter understood what was going on, and the fun was gone… for a short while at least.

Afterwards she realised that it is better this way as compared to getting a lecture. And she had to empty her backpack anyway to find the hidden Bluetooth speaker. So when she was done, we could immediately wash her backpack

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