Real life Angry Birds

You know Angry Birds, right? The mobile game where you have to shoot piggies by launching a bunch of Angry Birds?

Angry Birds game (by Rovio)
Angry Birds game (by Rovio)

Well, what if it’s a very sunny day, and your kids are just playing Angry Birds on the tablet. Wouldn’t you rather have them play outside?

Well, it’s possible to combine both! And you have double fun: first while creating it, and then while playing the game.

Step 1: Create the evil piggies!

It’s quite easy to create the piggies. You need a balloon and some paper-maché skills. When everything is dry, you can paint the result.

Paper-maché Piggie King
Paper-maché Piggie King

Step 2: Play real life Angry Birds!

Build a construction with all kinds of stuff, and put your piggies on top of that.

And then you can start throwing your Angry Birds (we use soccer balls). How many throws do you need to win against the piggies?

Real Life Angry Birds from Baruman on Vimeo.

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