Real Life Mario Kart

Great news: It’s now possible to play Mario Kart in real life!

Just like me, you may have played already hours of Mario Kart on your Nintendo Wii or Switch. However, now you can get in an actual kart, and play it for real.


The Battlekart concept features various virtual tracks that are projected on the ground. You use electrical karts to race, and it is possible to pick up various goodies like boosters, missiles or oil barrels. Your kart will automatically stop when it’s hit by a missile, or go a lot faster when you get a boost.

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The great thing is that it works really well. It actually feels like you’re fully into a Mario Kart game. The only (minor) drawback is that it isn’t really Mario-themed.

Many options

Once you reserve your slot, you’re able to configure a lot:

  • Which game modes do you want?
  • Which racing tracks do you want?
  • How long should each race take?
  • Which power-ups should be available?
  • What music should be playing?

And after the game, you can consult the game results online, and even see a virtual replay.

Virtual replay

Other game modes

There are other game modes as well. Battlesnake for example requires you to pick up various dots that will give your kart a “tail”. The longer your tail, the more points you get. But you have to avoid driving over someone else’s tail, or you have to start all over again.

These modes are not bad, but nothing beats the real Mario Kart racing experience.

Other real life games

If you like a real life Mario Kart, be sure to also check out my other blog post to learn how you can make a real life Angry Birds game.

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