Ultimate Death Ride

There are many geeky things you can do in your garden:

  • If you want something cool, then you install a Ninjaline
  • If you want something awesome, then you get yourself a Death Ride
  • But if you want something completely over the top, then you build a Death Ride that ends in your pool!

I checked a lot of online shops for death rides, but most of them are only for children. I finally bought mine on kabelbanenshop.nl. That one can hold my weight, it’s long enough to suit my needs, and the price is quite okay.

If you want the endpoint in your pool, then you need to take care of the following things:

  • Put it high enough. You don’t want to be smashed against the side of your pool.
  • Use a disk swing instead of just hanging on the trolley. It saves you some space.
  • Put a brake above your swinging pool! A rubber brake was part of my package, but you do have to install it right above your pool.
  • Add some safety measures to the side of your pool. I’ve added some inflatable toys.


Ultimate Death Ride from Baruman on Vimeo.

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