Ice skating

Winter is coming

Yes!!! The weather forecast shows an entire week of subzero temperatures, some days even going until -10°. Time to work on a project that I had in mind since last summer: building an ice skating rink.

Construction time

I used some wood of an old playhouse together with an 8m by 5m tarpaulin for the main construction. And when that was done I filled it with water. As you can see on the pictures, I did all this the day before the frost came.

Winter is here

And then it starts: first a small layer of ice, but growing thicker and thicker (at a rate of 7mm per day if you’re interested in the details). While waiting, I also ordered a pair of secondhand ice skates.

And finally, at 4cm the ice was ready. My kids tried it, and it worked remarkably well. The ice could easily hold me as well, but I didn’t have any skates to try the skating 😦

Death Ride Skating

As you might remember from one of my earlier posts, I also have a death ride. It’s typically only used during summer, but here we’ve used it to launch yourself on the ice!



All good things come to an end

And after a couple of days, thaw sets in… I must say that ice disappears much faster than it freezes.

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