Build your own Google Home

Some time back, Google has released couple of kits that allow you to experiment with AI (AIY – Artifical Intelligence Yourself).

One of them is the Google AIY Voice kit.

Google AIY Voice Kit Box

The kit contains a Raspberry Pi Zero, a speaker, a custom AIY Voice board and some extra stuff.

Google AIY Voice Kit Unboxing

You can find a clear step-by-step manual online. Before you know it, you have assembled your custom Google Home speaker.

Finally, you install the necessary software, and you are ready to go.

Google AIY Voice Kit Assembled

I also recommend to configure the auto-launch feature. This is decribed as part of the extra features in the manual.

A small remark: the “OK Google” function doesn’t work with the Pi Zero that’s included. Apparently, it isn’t powerful enough. This means that you always have to push the button before giving a command.
If you really want the “OK Google” part, then you have to replace by Pi Zero with the more powerful Raspberry Pi 3.

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