It’s my turn to buy a Christmas present for Sherga (our human mage in our Witcher D&D games).

And what better gift to give than Gwent! Gwent is a tactical card game that’s often played in the Witcher games.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be a bit of a difficult present. You can’t really buy Gwent cards anywhere (anymore). The cards were included with the physical expansion packs of the Witcher 3, but are hard to find now.

But there’s another option: You can find a digital copy of the Gwent cards on Reddit. There’s even a Gwent board if you want that. I took the digital files to the copy center, and had them all printed & cut. The only thing left for me was to glue the front & back sides together with spray glue. There are around 300 cards, so that was quite the job!

After that, I took an old Google Nest box, and spray painted it. And I’ve added Sherga’s name in Ultima runes, together with the Gwent logo. Let’s hope she likes it!

Looking for more Christmas ideas? Check my Christmas Darth Vader, Kylo Ren snowman or drunken snowman.

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