Walk to Mordor

I have this magic invisibility ring that I would like to destroy. Time for a little walk to Mordor!


The site LOTRproject has a really nice map of Frodo’s journey. But what I’m really looking for is a way to track the real distance I walk towards Mordor.

The Conqueror

I also found The Lord of the Rings virtual challenge by The Conqueror. This tracks your walking progress as you advance towards Mount Doom. Along the way, you get story extracts and actual postcards to motivate you to complete your quest.

But with over 200€ for the full Lord of the Rings bundle, it find a bit too expensive. For that money, I may as well hire an eagle to bring me to Mordor.

Walk with Frodo

But then I found Walk with Frodo. This is a free widget for Garmin smartwatches. And it does exactly what I expect: It counts your steps towards Mordor, and you get information about what you encounter along the way.

So now I’m on my way to Mordor!

Or maybe… maybe I don’t really need to destroy that ring. I could keep the precious little thing for myself, right?

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