Escape Room

My son wanted to have his birthday party at home, so I made him a custom escape room.

Comic book message

The game starts with the following comic book clue:

If they combine this clue with the back of one of the Kiekeboe comics, they find the first message: “Say Hey Google Start Clue”


If you have a Google Nest, you can define custom routines that are voice activated.

Here they get the instructions to get to my son’s room, and look under his mattress. There they find the following overview:

My son & his friends are big Brawl Star fans, so they have to find suspects, weapons & locations hidden all over his room.

When they find the culprit, they get an envelope a code for a lock!

A bag full of puzzles

The code opens a bag full of puzzles, which will lead us to the treasure

  • Mathematics puzzle
  • Pigpen cypher
  • Fruit puzzle

Mathematics puzzle

If you put all the different pieces together, you find a mathematics equation:

The answer is 3, and this is the first number for the final lock!

Pigpen Cypher

In the puzzle bag, there’s also a pigpen cypher.

Of course, you also need the corresponding code.

With the code, it is possible to decrypt the message and find the second number.

Fruit puzzle

The bag full of puzzles first holds a hint to one of our board games:

If you open the box, a unexpected Lego construction jumps out. This caused quite a few scares!

But next to the Lego construction, there’s also a fruit puzzle:

This full code can then be used to remove the lock of the Rubber Band puzzle

Each rubber band has a number and a character. If you put the numbers in order, you get the final digit of the treasure lock.

Treasure time

All these digits can finally be used to open the backpack full of treasure. It was hiding in plain sight all of the time, but impossible to open without the final code.

Further inspiration

If you want further inspiration for birthday parties, then I suggest you have a look at my Pokémon birthday party or at yet another escape room. Enjoy!

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