Escape Room birthday party

For my daughters birthday party, we’ve organised an escape game party.

The kids were locked down in the living room, and they had to escape before the bomb exploded.

As a first step, they had a collect a number of clues.

After that, they had to decypher coded messages and look for invisible riddles with a blacklight.

All of that lead them to a locked backpack, which held the key necessary to escape the room!

Locked suitcase

Luckily, they were just in time before the bomb went off


The kids loved it, and it was great to see the cooperation between all of them.

The pictures only show a small part of the entire escape game. There were a lot more clues to be gathered. Next to the escape game, there was also an online part where they had to collect information to “hack” a website or to find a spy.

You could make such an escape game yourself, but it would require quite a lot of your time. We’ve ordered ours via locohippo. You can order either just the scenario, or both the scenario and all accessories (like the bomb, locks, clues, …). The pricing is very reasonable. I don’t think I could have done better for the same price!

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