Pokémon birthday party

My son asked for a Pokémon birthday party, so he got one!

We decided to organize a real Pokémon hunt.

We started off with an empty Pokédex with just the shadows and the names of the different Pokémon. You can also see that there’s a small piece of Velcro attached to each Pokémon.

After that, it was time to fill the Pokéballs. The 151 balls each got their own Pokémon.

I’ve ordered the Pokéballs on Amazon by the way (Vending Machine capsules).

Then we hid them all over the garden. Can you spot them?

And finally the hunt could start. After a long search, all the Pokémon were found (Gotta catch ’em all!), and added to the Pokédex.

And then the finishing touch: a Pokémon piñata and Pokémon cupcakes!

More party ideas

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