Witcher medallion

I recently participated in a Murder Mystery game. For this, I needed a subtle reference to my character The Wolf Man.

I’m a bit of a Witcher fan, as you might have seen already in my previous posts. So I wanted to wear a Witcher Medallion.

You don’t really find such a medallion on every corner, and Kaer Morhen is just a bit too far. And I really wanted to experiment once with 3d printing.

I checked 3dnatives for a list with sites that have the best 3d models. After downloading one, I ordered it via create3Dshop. The printing costs were quite ok (4€), but I was a bit surprised to see that you have a startup cost as well (12€). But all together, I was very happy with the result & the level of detail.

I just added a small bit of paint & varnish, and then I was ready to become the Wolf Man!

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