Harry Potter in Scotland

On this blog, you can already find a couple of movie locations that we’ve visited in our trip to Scotland: the Highlander castle, New Asgard, a Prometheus landscape, … But the most famous movies of them all must be the Harry Potter ones.

If you travel to Scotland, Harry Potter is really everywhere. In fact, before we even properly reached Scotland, we encountered already 2 locations that were used in the movies.

The first location is the Durham cathedral. Durham is a really nice medieval city next to the water, with a big cathedral that you can visit for free. The monastery gardens were used as the Hogwarts hallways

Durham cathedral
Durham cathedral

The second location was Alnwick Castle. The broomstick training sequence was for example shot as Alnwick, and there are different Harry Potter themed activities.

Alnwick castle
Alnwick castle
Harry and Dumbledore in Alnwick castle
Alnwick castle

After that, we’ve traveled further to Edinburgh. J.K. Rowling wrote the books in the Elephant cafe. And in Victoria street, you can find a couple of Harry Potter themed shops, although it sometimes feels more like a museum.

Chamber of secrets mirror in victoria street
Victoria street

But the best thing was close to Fort William. There you can see the Jacobite train, better known as the Harry Potter train! It rides out twice a day. You can book a ride on the train, but if you really want a good view, it is better to just spot it when it passes over the Glenfinnan viaduct. Be sure to be there in time! It’s very popular, and the parking spaces are limited.

Jacobite train aka the harry potter train over the Glenfinnan viaduct
Harry Potter train

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