Magic in the Ardennes

This summer we made a trip to the Ardennes region (in Belgium), where we’ve visited a couple of magical places.

Hobbit house

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit…

You can find this hobbit house in the provincial domain of Chevetogne, near Rochefort. It seemed like a very nice domain where you can easily spend a full day, but we arrived almost at closing time, so we just had a look at the hobbit house.

Thanks to the worldwanderista blog for helping us find this place (and the next one)!

Menhirs & Harry Potter house

In Weris (near Durbuy) you can find some 3000 year old menhirs. Just like the things that Obelix would drag around.

And almost immediately across the road, there’s a house that could come right out a Harry Potter movie.

Emyn Muil

The Fondry des Chiens is a rocky split in the earth. You can go in, and climb some of the steep rocks. It reminds me a bit of the Emyn Muil, just before reaching Mordor.

Giant’s Tomb

According to legend, this is the tomb of a giant (Tombeau du Géant) who refused to yield to the Roman conqueror.

Crusader castle

Crusader Godfried of Bouillon lived in this castle.

Space antennas

And these antennas seem to come directly from a science fiction film. But are actually used to track satellites, and you can find them in Redu.

Previous trips

In a previous trip, we’ve visited Scotland where you can see a lot more Harry Potter places.

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