Lego & Pigeons

A couple of pigeons are part of the fixed inhabitants of our garden.

A few months ago, they made a nest in a bird feeding house. Unfortunately, the nest wasn’t sturdy enough to survive the weather. There were two eggs in the nest, but the first egg was lost during a storm. The second egg hatched, but unfortunately the young fell out of the unstable nest.

We read afterwards that pigeons make their nests in all kinds of places, often not very ideal. They typically have many failed attempts before they succeed.

And a couple of weeks ago, we found a new nest in our garden. It was well hidden in one of our trees, and it must have been there already for some time, since there was some movement.

It was too high to have a good look, even with a ladder. So I’ve built an extension arm in Lego to hold my smartphone. I can slide my phone in, and it’s kept firmly in place.

And this gave us a very nice look on these 2 cute little baby pigeons!

As you see, Lego can really be used for almost anything. Check for example my M&M sorter or my toothpaste squeezer.

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