The Witcher D&D: Avalon

Welcome to our adventures with The Witcher Tabletop Role Playing Game (or TRPG). Our party went through quite some adventures already:

We started off running from Nilfgaard, killing some drowners in order to end up with a strange lord. After that, we’ve robbed a bank, encountered a murder mystery and solved it. This led us to a dragon hunt where we stole the dragon’s egg. Finally we moved to Toussaint, we’re we ended up as great heroes.

An interrupted party

There is a big party after we’ve passed the tests for the Guardians of Toussaint. During the party, Spark even manages to pull the enchanted sword from the stone. This triggers a small curse (Spark shrinks half his size), but hey, we do have that magical sword right?

But shortly after that, the party ends suddenly: the village is on fire, and it soon turns out that the church of the Eternal Fire started it. The villagers worship the goddess Melitele, and that’s not to their liking.

But as Guardians of Toussaint, we can’t let this pass just like that. We teach them a lesson, and drive them away.

To Avalon

A scout informs us that the whole country is swarming with Eternal Fire guys, and that we might need some help to drive them away.

We decide to check out the mysterious island Avalon. When we get there, it’s deserted. But once we perform the required ritual, Avalon changes completely. It becomes an island filled with priestesses of Melitele, a large statue of the goddess, and a tall building.

The building turns out to be a School of Wizardry. We decide to explore it...

Magical help

Gwenna is in charge of the School of Wizardry, and she wants to teach us a couple of new spells to help us on our adventures. But she can’t find her spellbook.

We decide to search for it, but we’re forced to participate in all the different classes: Defence against the black arts, Potion class, Mystical creatures and Fortune telling.

In the end, we find the spellbook (it was with Gwenna all along), and we learn a couple of new spells. Now we’re ready for our next adventure!

Quest cards

These cards contain the various quests from this D&D adventure. Feel free to use them for your own sessions.

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