Zelda Game & Watch

A long time ago, Nintendo released the Game & Watch series. These were small portable game consoles that contained only a single game. You had one for Mario, for Donkey Kong, …

When I was 7, I got the Zelda one as a present from my neighbour. You could fold it open to reveal the 2 screens (much like the Nintendo DS that came a lot later). It was my very first computer game, but certainly not my last!

On the bottom screen, you had to avoid skeletons & ghosts while defeating an enemies. After you’ve crossed various dungeon levels, you had to defeat a dragon boss & gain a triforce piece. Finally, you could free princess Zelda once you got all 8 triforce pieces.

My dad recently found it while cleaning up. I changed the batteries, and it still works perfectly after more than 30 years. And as you can see, it also appeals to the next generation of gamers.

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