The Witcher D&D: The Dragon

In this Witcher Dungeons & Dragons adventure, we’re going to hunt for a Dragon!

If Dungeons & Dragons is new to you, I suggest to start with our very first adventure.

Due to the Corona-measures, we had to play this adventure entirely via Zoom, but that actually went very well. All you need is an online dice roller.

A dragon in Kelsingra!

After solving a mysterious murder, our party receives a letter from king Radovid. We have to travel with haste to the nearby city Kelsingra. On our way, we meet a priestess whose church has been burned by a dragon! She decides to join, which gives us now the following party:

  • Spark the craftsman (human)
  • Letho the witcher (witcher)
  • Sherga the mage (human)
  • Rhay the bard (dwarf)
  • Helena the priestess (elf)
  • Alex the criminal (elf)

When we arrive in Kelsingra, we learn that a dragon is terrorizing the country. The mayor promises us an item from his collection of rarities if we slay the dragon.

Map for our adventure

Unexpected help

We first pay a visit to the inn, and participate in a gambling game. We manage to win the game – by using both our gambling and persuasion skills – and gain the help of Geralt the witcher!

Even more help

A dragon is a fierce creature however, so we decide to follow a lead on the notice board, and gain even more help.

The newly established Order of the Dragon Knights believes that female virgins cannot be detected by dragons. Therefore, they’ve started training all virgins in the city.

Unfortunately, their trainer Jaïna has gone missing on a quest to retrieve a legendary weapon in the nearby elven ruins. We leave to explore the ruins. Geralt stays with the other trainer Ellys, so that they can continue to train all the new recruits.

We manage to solve the puzzles and defeat the enemies. In the end, we find Jaïna’s dead body. She’s been slain by a large Aracha. Luckily, the quest is not totally in vain, because we manage to retrieve the axe Decapitator and steal some Aracha venom that will come in handy later on.

The secret entrance

Back in town, we visit the miner’s guild. We learn that there are two ways into the volcano where the dragon is residing

  • Via the abandoned mine (more fighting)
  • Via a secret entrance (more puzzles)

We chose the latter, and we’re on our way together with Geralt, Ellys and 5 recruits.
And we also decide to take a sheep! The plan is to poison the sheep with Aracha venom, and kill the dragon without a single fight!

The secret entrance opens easily when we speak the secret password (Mellon, everyone should change their passwords every now and then). In the cave we meet a group of dragon cultists, that give us various assignments:

  • Our sheep is considered a worthy offering for the dragon
  • We can persuade the cultists that the 250 gold won’t be necessary
  • Our dancing skills aren’t too great, but a bit of mind manipulation can always help
  • And we take a female cultist along to be sacrificed

Dragon time!

The cultist is first sent to the dragon with the poisoned sheep. But the dragon doesn’t fall for that, since she recognizes the smell. It turns out that she’s been poisoned before, and that her only egg was stolen then. She promises a reward if the egg is returned to her.

But our party has had enough, and decides to attack the dragon. It’s an epic fight, with a lot of ranged weapons and exploding gas clouds, and all dragon knight recruits lose their lives. But in the end the dragon is slain!

We Choose our own reward

The mayor is happy to add a dragon’s head to his collection of rarities, and it will stand nicely next to his recently acquired dragon egg. We get the Wolf long sword as a reward for our adventures. But given the fact that we have slain a huge dragon, we find this reward a bit meager.

So we decide to choose our own reward, and to go back to the mayor’s office at night to steal the dragon’s egg. We seduce the first two guards and knock them down. Then we disguise us as guards to enter the building and get past the other guards.

But the moment we lay our hands upon the dragon’s egg, a portal opens and teleports us directly to our next adventure.

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