The Witcher D&D: Welcome to Toussaint

Where are we now?

Just when we laid our hands on the dragon’s egg in our previous adventure, a portal opened and teleported us all to some other place.

We end up in a tower, with some nice sunny weather outside. When we investigate a bit, we notice that everyone has lost their best weapon and armor. And there’s also no sign of the dragon’s egg…

The test of wisdom

It seems that we have to solve a couple of puzzles in order to advance to the next rooms in the tower.

Puzzle 1: Piano

We find a note with the characters “BED” on it, and a piano. Luckily we have a bard in our midst, who knows that B, E and D stand for the notes Si Mi and Re. He plays it masterfully on the piano, and the door opens towards the next room.

But we are so curious as to what would happen in case we have a wrong answer. So stand in the hallway after the open door, and toss drowner brains towards the piano until we hit a key. Heavy lead balls start to fall down from the ceiling. Phew, good that we had it right the first time!

Puzzle 2: Ice

The next room is covered for a large part in ice. To test the strength of it, we roll one of the lead balls over the surface. The ice cracks (but doesn’t break) wherever the ball passes.

Then Helena – our lightweight elf – tries to cross the ice. If she steps on the ice, it cracks as well. And whenever she steps on a cracked tile, it breaks completely and she falls in the cold water (and starts to freeze). Luckily, she can get out and reach the first lever. When she pulls it, it doesn’t so anything.

Alex – our second elf – goes to the other lever. When both levers are pulled at the same time, we hear a click coming from the door! So we’ve unlocked it.

Alex and Helena have reached the exit in the mean time, but the rest or our party is still at the other side. Our strong witcher Letho decides to toss our dwarf to the other side. But he fumbles, and Rhay the dwarf takes a swim. Letho tries again with Sherga (our mage), but he fumbles once more!

In the end we reach the other side, but half of our party is freezing.

Puzzle 3: A simple solution

The next room has 2 levers and a message with “The solution is simple”.

Our craftsman Spark decides to check the way out first. And he finds that the door is unlocked! This solution is indeed simple.

But our witcher Letho is curious: what would happen if I pull a lever? He stands in a doorway, throws his grappling hook, and pulls the lever. Flames burst out everywhere, and Letho gets burned. The rest of the party is safe in the hallway (luckily!), and no one is frozen anymore due to the heat.

Puzzle 4: Stone faces

The room after that has 4 stone faces in each corner, and a pile of stones in the middle. We quickly discover that each face shoots arrows at us, and that we can only disable them by hitting each eye with a stone.

It’s a tough fight however, and we leave the room heavily wounded. Luckily it was the last room in the tower.

The guardians of Toussaint

When we leave the tower, we’re greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. They let us know that we’ve passed the Test of Wisdom, and that we’re well on our way to become the Guardians of Toussaint!

The Test of Love

For the second test, we have to choose between two islands. We choose Isla Minitel, and end up on the ladies’ island of Temptation Island!

We learn that there are 4 ladies on Isla Minitel, and their husbands are on Isla Hansar. Annelien – our host – tells us that we have to try to seduce the ladies, and see whether their love is true.

But shortly after our introduction to the ladies, we have to leave for the other island to meet the guys. Unfortunately, things quickly get messy: Rhay starts a fistfight with Arda. Spark tries to intervene with his parrot, but he fumbles and Ugly Bird claws out Rick’s eye (the host on the other island). High time to go back to ladies!

And then the night starts, full of seduction & temptation. Sherga mixes a bit of fisstech in the cocktails, and casts a mind manipulation spell on one of the ladies. With that little bit of help, and a lot of seduction, all ladies fall for our charms, one by one.

It turns out their love wasn’t true after all, and we pass the test of love! But why stop at that? Spark also seduces Annelien, the host of temptation island. She so in love with him that she’s joining our party, and will hopefully help us in passing our final test!

Quest card Test of Love

The Test of Strength

The final test starts at a cave. We have no other option than sliding in, and discover what’s there.

It seems easy at first: just clear the boulders, and we’re out! But then suddenly a nekker comes down the slide, and starts attacking us. So we’ll have to split up: some of us face the nekker, and the rest starts moving the heavy boulders.

But it gets harder still: 2 more nekkers appear, and a bit later 3 nekkers are there. It’s not so easy to fight them, since a lot of our gear was taken from us for the “Guardians of Toussaint” quest.

Luckily we’re able to escape just in time before we’re overwhelmed with nekkers. And that concludes our final test!

True Heroes

The villagers await us, and we’re greeted as the Guardians of Toussaint. We also get our precious gear back, including even our dragon’s egg!

It’s time for a big party, but evil is always near. What will our next adventure bring?

D&D during Corona times

This adventure was largely played in the midst of the Corona pandemic. Luckily, you can play D&D quite well over Zoom, and you only lose a little bit of the fun.

In a real-life game, we typically use miniatures on a printed map or a whiteboard. But for these online games I created our maps in Powerpoint (not really high-tech, I know), and used that to indicate the player movements.

Here you can see the player locations, the nekkers (one of them is stuck in Talfryn’s Prison). and the yellow circle indicates our lantern’s range.

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