The coin pusher

When the fair is in town, we always pay a visit to the coin pushers. You know, those machines where you buy a bucket of coins, you throw them in the slots, and they gently push the coins & prices closer and closer until they drop.

But actually, I’m not a big fan of those games. Too repetitive and too much randomness. So I come along because my wife & kids like it, but they do most of the coin throwing.

But last time – while watching – I was wondering whether I could build a coin pusher myself.

So I took my Lego Mindstorms (and a couple of extra boxes) and started building…

The result


The program

The programming consists of 4 parts

  • The motor, which is rotating back and forth
  • The sounds, played randomly
  • The display, with a fixed text
  • The lights, flashing different colors

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