Original Scratch presentation

I work in IT at Colruyt Group (a Belgian retailer), and I recently switched teams. As part of a team activity, we had to present ourselves in an original way.

Instead of a standard Powerpoint presentation, I chose to make a presentation using Scratch.

The Scratch user inferface

Scratch is a great way to teach children (or adults) to program in a visual way. You can make fancy presentations, simple computer games or anything else you can think of. You work with self-explaining blocks, and you can find a lot of tutorials or example projects online to get you started.

It works like this: You start at the Louvre museum, and you can visit an exhibition about myself. You walk around in the exhibition room, and whenever you press space on a topic, and you get a popup with a couple of pictures. The presentation should only take 5 minutes, so there’s a timer as well.

You can see it in action in the following video:

If you want to see even more, then you can check my project on the Scratch website. You can either play it (press the green flag and use the arrow keys + space bar) or check out the code.

Similar projects

Scratch is a visual programming language (dragging blocks around). If you like visual programming, then I can recommend Lego Mindstorms as well. It works in a very similar way. Check for example my Paper Plane launcher project or the Coin Pusher.

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