The Wicked Witch

It’s Halloween today, so it’s time for a new project.

Some time ago, my son very casually said: “Hey dad, I would like a talking witch for Halloween”.

Challenge accepted!


I ordered the necessary components:

  • A Raspberry Pi Zero WH (bottom right) for the programming
  • A HiFiBerry MiniAMP (bottom middle) to play sound
  • A PIR sensor for the motion detection part
  • A speaker


It’s very easy to connect the Pi Zero and the MiniAMP. The MiniAMP is a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top), so you can just slide it on the GPIO pins of the Pi Zero.

But the PIR sensor poses a problem then. All the GPIO pins are used by the HAT, and there are no free pins anymore for the PIR sensor.

The MiniAMP actually only uses a couple of pins (as described in their support pages). It is possible to solder the PIR sensor to the unused pins of the MiniAMP board, but that’s a rather permanent solution.

Instead, I reused a small GPIO pin reference board. I soldered the PIR sensor to that board, and added the board between the Pi Zero and the HAT.

After that, I built a Lego case to hold all the electronics, and to protect it in case of rain. This case can also be attached to the witch itself.


The program plays a random sound whenever motion is detected.

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
import pygame
import random

#initialize motion sensor
PIN = 12

#initialize sound
pygame.mixer.pre_init(frequency=44100, size=-16, channels=2, buffer=4096)

#sound list
_sounds = ['Witch01.mp3','Witch02.mp3','Witch03.mp3','Witch04.mp3','Witch05.mp3','Witch06.mp3']

#wait till sensor is activated
print ("Start sensor...")
print ("Sensor activated...")

while True:
   if GPIO.input(PIN):
        print ("Movement detected! " + (time.strftime("%H:%M:%S")))
        next_sound = random.choice(_sounds)"/home/pi/Documents/Programs/WickedWitch/Sounds/"+next_sound)
        while == True:

The Wicked Witch

And here she is…

Wicked Witch

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